A proof of concept written in C to demonstrate the use as a webcam client and server of a Sony PSP equipped with the GoCam! accessory camera.


A generic list of random public Earthcams webcam urls were compiled to a static text file and allowed the user to loop through and view them on screen. For each url, the user could specify the refresh update to avoid unnecessary data fetching.


Users could add their own urls, for their own home security or network cameras for example, in order to view them remotely and utilize the Sony PSP as a portable security camera monitor.


The ‘Snapshot’ function allowed any user to save and upload the current image from the webcam client. If no private FTP storage location was configured, the snapshot was uploaded publicly for everyone to share.


Additionally, the program allowed the user to configure the Sony PSP to function as its own webcam server, taking an image from the GoCam! accessory camera on an interval and uploading it to a remote FTP server. Users could remotely stream from anywhere in the world as long as there was a WiFi connection.


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